AUBE: The Voice of Medical Cannabis Patients is the result of serious and profound personal and collective reflection on the importance of improving access to medical cannabis for patients and how best to do so. The establishment of AUBE, a non-profit organization (NPO) operating at the provincial and national levels, is an essential step to promote access to advanced treatments for people suffering from chronic diseases, also and in parallel to develop research and education on medical cannabis.

Several years ago, my health conditions led me to use cannabis to alleviate the effects of a debilitating illness. Subsequently, my training as a jurist and my deep commitment to justice gradually led me to become involved in this issue and to know and understand more about it.

Today, with the help of Rebecca Fogel and Me Jaqueline Bissonnette, AUBE: The voice of medical cannabis patients, has taken another step forward.

We wish long life to AUBE which, we know, will find its way in this New World.